Labor Market Information

Having the right information to make decisions and develop workforce strategies is a key to your success.  As part of our services to business, economic development and educational communities, we provide labor market analysis, comprehensive economic forecasting and economic impact data acquired through Economic Modeling Specialist, Inc. a web based subscription program.  Data comes from nearly 90 Federal, State and Local government sources and is updated on a quarterly basis.

These services include:

  • Economic Forecasting reports – provides current statistics and 10-year projections for the growth and decline of jobs by industry, jobs by occupation and demographics for a selected county or region, in addition to current unemployment data.
  • Economic Impact reports – input-output modeling, easy-to-use analysis of industries, industry clusters and regional economic base.  This is a critical tool used for understanding a region’s current economy and planning for future economic challenges and opportunities.
  • Wage data by industry and occupation for a selected county or region.
  • Import and Export data
  • Educational Attainment data

If you are interested in a specific report, email your request to:
Emily Nicholson
Business Services Representative
Northeastern Workforce Development Board
(252) 426-5753 x233

View the NWDB’s Regional Sample Reports