NWDB Staff

The NWDB staff are pleased to help you anyway we can. Thanks for your interest and we hope to meet you soon!

Annette Barnes, Career Advisor
Pasquotank, Gates and Currituck
(252) 331-4798 x104
Cell: (252) 331-3492
Wed (252) 357-1033
Th (252) 335-0821 x2217
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David Whitmer, Director
NWDB Main Office
(252) 426-5753 x231
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Dawn Kent, Finance Officer
NWDB Main Office
252-426-5753 ext. 228
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Emily Nicholson, Business Services and
Economic Development Coordinator
NWDB Main Office
(252) 426-5753 x233
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Kathy Nixon, Adult & Dislocated Worker
Program Manager
(252) 426-5753 ext. 261
(252) 482-2195
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Keisha Kallicharan, Career Advisor
Pasquotank County
Cell: 252-331-3754
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Latoria Roundtree, Career Advisor
Pasquotank County
(252) 331-4798
Cell: (252) 333-5247
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Lewis Carter, Career Advisor
Chowan, Perquimans, and Washington Counties
(252) 312-7357 (c)
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Lora Aples, Youth Program Manager
NWDB Main Office
252-426-5753 ext. 259
Cell:  252-333-5792
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Phillip Holloway, Career Advisor
Hyde and Tyrrell Counties
(252) 312-6859 (c)
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Sandra Powers, Program Coordinator
NWDB Main Office
252-426-5753 ext. 235
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